Here is something special for all of you!  Here is something which could overclock your galaxy y from 832 MHz to 1.2 GHz. This overclocking is made possible by one the xda-developer “Maroc-OS” which his Kernel Merruk 2.5.

Maroc-OS, had removed the original download links to this kernel because more than 80% users reported that the kernel didn’t work (never boots up!). But it’s really great that one other developer “BiswajitBarman” find a way to install it. So try it yourself!

Keep in mind, This is not an officially released version and has bugs in it. So be carefull. Check the comments for bugs reported by others. Also remember to have a backup with cmw.

Things to download

  • ClockWorkMode : Download this if its not pre-installed. : Download
  •  Merruk technology2.0.tar  : Download
  •  Elite modules.zip : Download
  • Ext4-Converter-signed.zip : Download
  •  Kernel Update.zip : Download

How to? 

  • Copy all files to Sd-Card [be sure it is not in any folders].
  • Extract the “boot.img” file from Merruk technology 2.0.tar into the sd-card.
  • If you have the app “Link2Sd” installed, do a clean up sd-card. If you haven’t installed it, continue to step 4.
  • Go to phone’s recovery mode by switching off phone, press “Vol up + Home + Power”.
  • Flash clockworkmode.zip if you haven’t pre-installed it [vol up/down for choosing options & home button for selection].
  • Now you are in Clockworkmod, Now choose “Install .zip from Sd-card” and flash “kernel update.zip”.
  • Go to Backup & Restore and backup your rom.
  • Now Flash  Elite-modules.zip.
  • Next, Go to Advanced and do a Error Report.
  • Flash  Ext4-Converter-signed.zip.
  • Go to Back and restore > Advanced, Restore “System, data & cache”. Keep in mind not to restore boot and sd-ext.
  • Done! Reboot and enjoy.

First boot make take sometime. If it is not booted even after 10min, do the steps again and in step 3 clean up sd-card with link2sd.

For Stock Rom

Thanks to “Jeff” for this method.

1.Flash kuro kernel
3.Check if your kernel changed in settings> about phone> kernel=
to kuro. If yes goback to CWM.
4. Flash kernel update
5. Backup your rom > backup&restore> backup
6. Flash elite module
7. Try to do error report will ask to open your rOm manager . I try to WIpE DALVIC CACHE just for experiment:-P
8 Flash ext4 converter zip
9. I restored system, data, and cache.
10. Reboot

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